Christopher Morgan-Locke

Welcome to The Peel Clinic

At the Peel Clinic we specialize in Deep Impact Brief Therapy ©, which is ideally suited to men and women with busy lives who prefer not to embark into long-term therapies. A typical course of treatment ranges from 2 to 4 sessions unlike the older style therapies which are more typically between 10 and 20 sessions.

Our cognitive therapies, which have all proved to be effective and safe, include Clinical Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy), EMDR Therapy (trauma and upsetting memories), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Regression Therapy, Inner Child Therapy and Visualisations.

The Peel Clinic also offers distance therapy using Skype (thepeelclinicuk).

The strength of the Peel Clinic and our high success rate is that we offer the most appropriate treatment for the client. We offer a totally confidential service and can arrange home visits upon request.

The Peel Clinic is a non-residential clinic, which was based in Weybridge (Surrey) for over a decade but now operates in Battersea, Chelsea, Wandsworth, Clapham as well as Ryde, Isle of Wight.

We also offer Deep Impact Brief Therapy © in association with private hospitals and residential clinics for those patients who require residential or medical care.

We also offer a home therapy package where you can receive treatment at your home.


Christopher Morgan-Locke
Clinical Director